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To tell the stories of Asian American contributions both to the Asian American communities and to the mainstream.

To foster informational exchanges amongst ethnic Asian Americans who hardly know each other or have never worked together on a pan-Asian project.

To unite KOL (Key Opinion Leaders) to join efforts and work together to enlarge the AAPI Influence Sphere.

Asian American Stories Video Contest

Organizer: Silicon Valley Community Media, Ding Ding TV

Co-organizers: Philippine News Today, Indian Currents, Vietnamese Media

Asian American Stories

The Theme of 2023 is:

“All of Us Belong Right Here”

During the recent COVID-19 epidemic, the hate crimes against AAPI have skyrocketed to unprecedented levels. This trend has not stopped in 2022.

Because of this, Silicon Valley Community Media (Ding Ding TV) and the National Asian American United (NAAUnited) and other organizations have created and published a video called “All of Us Belong Right Here” to emphasize the strength of America is our diversity. Thus, the theme of the 2022-2023 Video and Essay Contest will be All of Us Belong Right Here.

Eligibility to Enter 

This video Essay Contest is open to all independent journalists, social media influences, ethnic media, event organizers, and civic organization contestants.

There will be two categories of contestants:

1. Youth Contestants for ages 12 – 18yrs of age

2. Adult Contestants for 18 years old and above

Contestants are required to submit, in English, a video essay of less than one minute in length to be accompanied by a written essay of less than 150 words. The theme should focus on “All Of Us Belong Right Here.” 

Submissions are accepted from May 1st, 2023 until Dec. 15th, 2023. 

More Information

How Winners Will Be Chosen

A diverse panel of judges will select a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winner. There will also be a Viewers Choice Winner.

Prizes will be awarded to the most popular entrance as selected by Viewer’s Choice and the first 30 entries will potentially receive funding for their project. This funding will be provided by Silicon Valley Community Media.

Options for Winners

The chosen winners will choose between the following options: 

OPTION A: Receiving funding to produce media content regarding Asian American videos, articles, podcasts, and TV Shows.

OPTION B: Receiving a check. 

Prizes for Winners

  1. First Prize Winners: $10,000 Funding, or a $1000 check.
  2. Second Prize Winners: $5,000 Funding  or a $500 check.
  3. Third Prize Winners: $2,000 Funding or a $200 check.
  4. Viewer’s Choice Winner: $2000 Funding or a $200 check.

Documentary Film Production

  1. We have been working with Hollywood Professionals to produce “Silicon Valley Asian American Pioneers” documentary film series. 
  2. This film series is target to air on America Main Stream channels, telling the contributions of Asian Americans to the United States and the world.

A Documentary Film To Heal & Uplift

This film is to uplift our community and heal that wound. Through the lens of successful Asian American entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley, this film looks at what makes them unique as a class of immigrants that you will not find anywhere else in the world. Their lives, work ethics, and contributions to Silicon Valley have changed the world and will continue to shape the future.

In a place that embraces inclusion, innovation, and diversity, Silicon Valley, with its open-minded entrepreneurship culture, acceptance of differences, and embrace of change, embodies the true spirit of the American dream.

Click here to watch more.

Key Film Production Creative Team


Tony Shyu


Diana Weiping Ding (Founder & CEO of Ding Ding TV)


Ho Hong


Ryan Alexander Huang



Empowering and Connecting Asian Americans, Inspiring The Next Generation of Leaders

Since 2017, The Civic Leadership Forum has been presented by Silicone Valley channel: Ding Ding TV, and India Currents four times a year. Over 1000 students, community leaders, parents, and elected officials have participated. The contents from the forums have reached up to to 200,000 people in Silicon Valley Bay area and the United States. The forum provided a platform to empower the next generation in civic engagement and civic leadership in the Asian-American communities while creating a national network of civic-minded organizations and leaders.

Ding Ding TV began this dialogue as a panel discussion from the end of 2021.

Our purpose and mission is to break down these formidable walls that separate and isolate us. We aim to stand on common ground and lift our voices high above the noise and call our community to appreciate and respect our differences so we can learn and grow together.

Learn About Our History

12/07/2021 Panel Discussion


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